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Perhaps we know each other, or maybe we don't. [That's me behind the wheel in the photo.] Frankly, it depends on whether you entered the business before or after 2000.

With no intent to offend anyone, most of the old-timers in real estate know me and I know them. Ask just about anyone who's been in the business longer than 10 years and they probably did a deal with me.

It's only with the newer agents that I have a disconnect. That's because my career high point was 2000. That's the year I sold and closed 126 transaction sides.

That wasn't a fluke, either. For years, I targeted FSBOs and expired listings. My business grew until I hit my stride - a run of 100 or more closed transaction sides for seven consecutive years [1997-2004]. And I did it as a one-man shop; single-handedly, with no assistant, no buyers agent, and with no closing coordinator. Heck, I worked from home using my dining room as my office!

Then I quit the business after 2004. Well, I didn't exactly quit. More accurately, I turned over my book of business to another agent (for referral fees of course) while I took a sabbatical to develop a few new ideas. Ideas that you can implement today and increase your income by 200 percent, even in a down market. Did I say "even in a down market?" Heck, especially in a down market.

To better understand how this can be possible, indulge me by clicking the link below and reading my take on what has happened in the real estate business and how this can benefit both of us immediately. And after you read it, give me a call.

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Mark Palmero L'Boe

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